Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Succeed

I recently had the great pleasure to provide the social media strategy and management for a crowdfunding campaign for Goldfinger Factory. They are a social enterprise based in West London who provide space for artists to work so that they can become self funding, and they train young people to help them get career ready. We recently finished their first crowdfunding campaign, it was such a wonderful journey with a huge amount of work involved.

What have I learned from the experience?  The most impactful insight was that the network of friends and supporters of a business or social enterprise are as passionate about the business as us.   I have also learned some things that might help other people thinking of embarking on their own crowdfunding journey.

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Do you remember the green cross code?  A superhero, taught children the key points of road safety using the message ‘Stop, Look and Listen’.  

Wait. What on earth has that got to do with Social Media? Well, I think the green cross code is a great inspiration for the ‘Social Media Marketing code’.

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